Academic or student

The work of academics has had a crucial impact on the process of defining aggression. In turn, the outcome of the 2010 Kampala Conference has been widely reflected upon in academic literature. If you are an academic or student, especially in the areas of international law or international relations, you may wish to:

  • dive into the literature listed in the resource section and analyze aspects of the crime of aggression, such as the negotiation process leading to Kampala, the definition, the conditions for the Court’s future exercise of jurisdiction, the implications for domestic adjudication of the crime of aggression, the relationship between the ICC and the Security Council, and many more;
  • discuss the promotion of  peace through criminal justice in the context of your ongoing course work, in student organizations or in the context of special conferences and seminars, such as the seminar held at Oxford University in May 2011 entitled “Beyond Kampala: The ICC, the Crime of Aggression and the Future of the Court”;
  • follow post-Kampala online discussions on several blogs and websites and participate in upcoming such discussions;
  • share with us ( relevant literature and other materials that can be added to this website’s section on resources;
  • contribute to expanding the Wikipedia article on the crime of aggression and to translating it into other languages;
  • contact us ( so that we can help provide materials for all these activities.