Nuremberg Academy Lecture on “The Ukraine War and the Crime of Aggression”: On 4 May 2023, Claus Kreß gave the second Nuremberg Academy lecture, entitled “The Ukraine War and the Crime of Aggression”, hosted by the International Nuremberg Principles Academy.  This was the second Nuremberg Academy Lecture at the historic Courtroom 600 where the crime of aggression was tried for the first time in history in 1945. In an elaborate historic and systematic argument, Kreß set out to explain that it was wrong to neglect the Nuremberg legacy on the crime of aggression for decades and to exclude that crime from the concept of atrocity crimes. While pointing out a number of promising signs for a change of the long prevailing mindset, Kreß also noted that, even at this historic moment in the wake of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the three Western Powers which sat in Judgment at Nuremberg have yet to leave their comfort zone of sovereigntist resistance to genuinely embracing their own Nuremberg promise. Kreß ended his important lecture with a plea to his own government to recognize the merits and the feasibility of a special international tribunal for the crime of aggression and to join forces with other States from all regions to sincerely and seriously explore this option. He additionally argued that states must not to stop there, but also become a leading force in harmonizing the jurisdictional regime of all four crimes in the ICC Statute.

For the video see here.