NEWS: Successful conclusion of regional workshop for Eastern Europe

Successful conclusion of regional workshop for Eastern Europe: The two-day seminar brought together States from the Eastern European region to discuss the ratification and implementation of the Kampala amendments on the crime of aggression. There is no doubt that the region is on the leading edge of the fight against illegal war making: four States from the region have ratified the amendments (Croatia, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia), five more are expected to ratify before the end of the year (Albania, Czech Republic, Georgia, Macedonia, Poland), and the remaining nine are working on the ratification process. Speakers at the workshop included Karl Erjavec, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Slovenia and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who contributed a video message, as well as the Presidents of the International Criminal Court and its Assembly of States Parties.

UN Secretary-General’s message
Ben Ferencz’s message
President Song‘s statement.
UN Legal Counsel‘s statement.

Press Releases:
Press Release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia
Joint Press Release

Photo: Kris Kotarski / Wayamo Foundation